Hello all, this is a great Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for Steve Sherk a singer / songwriter that needs your help!

Singer/Songwriter Steve Sherk is working on his newest demo for 2018, and he needs your support!

Steve Sherk, is in the process of creating a new demo for 2018, and needs your help.

This new demo will showcase his 4 best songs, and will go on iTunes, Amazon, and the prime Internet radio stations available.

With your help, new music and inspired music can reach audiences all over the world.

The Impact

Music these days is suffering and desperately needs to be genuine again. What we need is music that’s unformulated and passionate. This acoustic album will showcase what an honest, intentional, and meaningful music sounds like.

Risks & Challenges

It’s hard to get noticed in an oversaturated market. It’s a challenge for good music to get noticed these days. It’s up us to help shift the music industry back to selling art rather than just a product.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can’t contribute, it’s no problem! Please just share this link and help get the word out. Thanks so much, friends!

Find out more and back Steve here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/steve-sherk-music-demo-2018#/