Hi all, here’s a most genuine and deserving of Gofundme Crowdfunding campaigns if ever there was one!

Jared-Patrick Stire

Check out Jared-Patrick Stire’s Gofundme appeal for help with paying for his medical bills.

This guy really deserves all the help he can get since the surgery he had which he was assured would help him actually left him in a worse condition.

He tried a lawsuit against them but failed which isn’t right and now has to pay the legal bills.

Guys Jared is one of those genuinely good people that deserves any help you can get him!

Here is Jared’s story:

My name is Jared. When I was 14 years old, I had a surgery to correct a large scoliosis of my spine. I was assured that it would hep me to breathe easier and have better mobility, however, the surgery left me with a C3-C4 spinal cord injury, and fully dependent on a ventilator to breathe. As times go on, it becomes increasingly difficult to purchase the medical supplies that I require for which there is no source of funding. On top of this, I had tried to secure some money for my future through a lawsuit of my surgical accident, but that failed, leaving me with a $15,000 lawyer fee. I don’t know how I am to pay this fee. Any monetary assistance you could possibly give to me would be extremely appreciated!

Visit Jared’s Gofundme page and donate and back him herehttps://www.gofundme.com/quadriplegic-lawyer-fees