Hello all! This is the KKA S1 – Land Surf / Ski Mobility Skateboard. It’s more than a skateboard!

KKA S1 - Land Surf Ski Mobility Skateboard

Experience the KKA S1 adventure that gives you the feel of surfing and skiing while skateboarding!

Just check out the features of this bad boy:

Explore the Carbon Fiber / Magnesium Alloy Frame Snowboard Design
4 wheel / Rear Drive – Double Drive
Electric 500W Hub DC Double Motor
Motor Power – 5inch, 250Wx2 max rotate speed 1800rpm
Outrageous maximum speed of 28hm/h and max mileage of 40hm
8.8Ah Lithium Battery
Electronic Holzer brake
Mobile App integration available
Bluetooth App Remote Control
CE / FCC Safety Certification

Visit the #Kickstarter campaign page to back this now and get yours today! http://goo.gl/fH52Vu