Doesn’t every father deserve the best? Well we would like to share with you a very poignant crowdfunding campaign that has touched us greatly. In fact, this is the reason that crowdfunding platforms like IndiGoGo, GoFundMe, KickStarter and other crowdfunding platforms were created in the first place. To help those who really do need the help and really do deserve to be helped too! So we’d like to share with you the GoFundMe fundraiser by Marechko Andrii to help his father who has  3 inter-vertebral hernias. This is a 55 year old man who has dedicated his whole life to looking after his family!

In the words of Marechko Andrii;

Almost all his life he spent on work in other countries, after which his health worsened (he has 3 intervertebral hernias). But, life was such that these funds were enough only for the most necessary things. The situation with the job for him in our country is very bad, since my father is a musician by profession.

With the aggravation of the economic crisis and war in Ukraine called ATO, he almost without any job. Because of his age and state of his health, he can not earn and work abroad, and he does not remain in demand at his age by employers. For my part, I help him financially, but these funds are enough for food and basic necessities.

My dad does not give up, so every day he is walking on a long distances for a job search. Once upon a time he had an old car, that was manufactured in 1995, but due to the financial difficulties it had been sold a few years ago. I would like to ask a respectable community of good people to help me buy my car and help restore my father’s health.

Acquiring a car will help him change his “profession” and find a job. This miracle can help me also return him the faith in him and in the good people who are around. I will be very grateful for the help and will pray for all people who help to do good in this world.

I ask everyone, who has the opportunity, please help share this fundraiser in social networks with your friends. I would be very grateful if anyone can help spread this fundraiser where it possible. Thank you to everyone who can help me in this situation.

Please check out their fundraising campaign pages on GoFundMe and GoGetFunding to donate to them and help his father get the treatment he deserves!

Andrii (and everyone here) would like to thank you for your support!

Team at Crowd Fund Smith