Do you wish you could talk to people in other languages instantly and understand them and they you without even needing to know the language? Now you can! With Mesay the 17 Languages Smart Voice Translator – You say it, Mesay knows it and says it to them in their language. It works both ways, seamlessly, flawlessly!
All of this and more. Mesay has many great features that make it the must have gadget for travelers and those on vacation alike. With up to 17 languages supported, real time translation, multi language chat. Voice recording and distress calls. MP3 player, pedometer, 3G/Wifi & Bluetooth. Even Whatsapp support! It’s got all you need.
A perfect tool for entrepreneurs and persons alike to make new foreign international business deals, partnerships and friends with. For those studying abroad to helping international charities and just for any other reason where you would like to say something to someone in another language. Or hear what they said in your own language.
Guys I think Mesay is a noble project and should be backed and supported for lots of good reasons. It’s about time the world had a gadget like this! So check out the Mesay Kickstarter campaign to see what rewards you get (as well as the Mesay device) when you do! See how Mesay got started, why the world needs it and more about how Mesay works.