Hello all. To my parents particularly! You care about your childs welfare right? Well then check out the Happy Gadget: Wearable Alert Watch on #Indiegogo.

Happy Gadget: Wearable Alert Watch

Be there for your children when they need you most! The Happy Gadget Alert Watch is a wearable device packed with medical-grade sensors, specially designed to read your child’s vital signs, and detect unusual symptoms or physical patterns. Upon recognition of critical changes, the watch sends an alert of your child’s vital status to your smartphone, or any another synchronized other Happy Gadget’s devices. With our Base Station that Increases the range of Bluetooth signals by up to 10x, you can be there when your child needs you most!

Wearable Alert Watch

Check it out and back this campaign now! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/happy-gadget-wearable-alert-watch-bluetooth–2#/