Here today we would like to announce and share KoJack with you. No not the crime fighting detective but the Bluetooth capable audio jack that makes any audio device Bluetooth ready!

KoJack is for all of those gizmos and devices that no longer have an audio jack since a lot of manufacturers are nownot including it in new gear and technology like smartphones in favour of Bluetooth.


And it’s that fact that has many people searching around for a solution. That’s where KoJack comes in! KoJack is Bluetooth for everything, everywhere!

KoJack provides the solution to most things you want to do whether it’s connecting your phone to your car stereo, streaming from an old stereo to your headphones.

Or just as a way to use your old corded earphones or headphones with devices that don’t have an audio jack in them!

And KoJack is one of the most affordable solutions to all these problems and more and the only one to provide you with both a Bluetooth transmitter and receiver.
That way, you really can Bluetooth virtually everything, to and from virtually anything, anywhere and at any time, with or without an audio jack!

Helps you to connect all your devices together whether it’s your laptop, smartphone, smartwatch, ear/headphones, home stereo, car stereo, sound bar or tablet PC.

We think this is a great crowdfunding campaign and not like the usual fluff you see today!
There’s no doubt that KoJack will prove to be invaluable as time goes on!

Visit the KoJack campaign on IndieGogo to find out more and back it!