Hello all. Standing Rock needs food and heat! #UnitedCitizens For #StandingRock is a group of social activists seeking justice at Standing Rock. Living near Standing Rock has given me a first hand perspective of the serious struggle that is occurring on this beautiful sacred land.


Everyday we witness peaceful protectors being harassed by militarized forces, being sprayed with mace, being fired upon with rubber bullets, having attack dogs unleashed on groups, they are even spraying us with water cannons as we congregate.

This cruelty is being unleashed on us all and no one is spared. Local workers for the oil companies have even joined in to harass us and vandalize our equipment. Last week, shipments of supplies from us and others were halted and disposed of by threatening security forces on site.

After consistent pleading we were allowed to bring much needed supplies in the next day. None of this will stop us from remaining in solidarity and doing our part to help those at Standing Rock.

They desperately need food and heating immediately as supplies are low and temperatures are going below zero very soon.

Guys, please show some support for the people at Standing Rock and donate to our #gofundme page! https://www.gofundme.com/standing-rock-needs-food-and-heat